Artisan Farmers Markets – Ambleside

Our Aims are to support local farmers and small business people who grow, make or bake their product. To expand the variety and quality of local produce and products to the Vancouver consumers To help educate the buying public on how their food and other essential products are produced and used. Our farmer’s must sell their own produce and are not allowed to buy in produce from another source.

Ambleside Farmers Market

Ambleside Farmer’s Market is on 1500 Block of Bellevue Street in Ambleside, West Vancouver. Ambleside Farmer’s Market started in June of 2005 in this great location close to the entrance to Ambleside Park and Beach on the 1500 block of Bellevue between 15th and 16th Streets. We often look toward the ocean, a block away to see a huge cruise ship passing so close you can almost touch it! Quite spectacular! We are very lucky to have such a great variety of organic and conventional farmers at this location. We also have a good selection of prepared foods including baking, syrups, jams, jellies, honey, salsas, anti pastas and much more. We also have a good and varied selection of B.C. crafts including jewelry, clothing, wrought iron, garden sculptures, soaps, pottery and much, much more. Ambleside Market has a book exchange, newspaper reading area, games table, kids play area, and live music.

Market Location

Ambleside Farmers Market

The Ambleside Farmers Market can be found on 14th Street between Marine Drive & Bellevue, West Vancouver

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