Garlic Care: Spring-time means trimming (and eating!) the Garlic Scapes

Cooking garlic scapes is easy

If you are growing garlic, trim the stem of the flower, (the curly-q rising from the center of the plant). This will leave energy back into the bulb and help it become nice and big in the summer. Save them for eating, they are bursting with garlic flavour! Avoid the flower, though, they are too fibrous to eat.

garlic scapes can be eaten cooked or raw

The stems can be thick or thin, but they are best when they are young and snap when you break them off the plant. Chop or mince fine and toss them in any recipe you find that calls for garlic. Delicious cooked or raw, I love them in mashed potatoes, or minced with olive oil and baked with brie. Try them in your scrambled eggs or roasted with your veggies. It’s a hit of garlic that leaves you pining for summer, when the bulbs can finally come out of the ground!

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