Secrets of a Market Vendor

You love the market, go there all the time. You also have a bright idea for a product that you think would do well at this market. Should you make the leap, and set up a stall of your own?

It depends!  Do you imagine yourself setting up an eight-square-foot store you can call your very own? Does it look too hard, or does it look dead-simple? Test yourself against our checklist of skills and assets we discovered are vital in order to enjoy and prosper as a Market Vendor.

  1. Are you passionate about what you grow, make or bake? Be ready to talk with enthusiasm about your product to absolutely everyone you meet at  market.
  2. Do you like camping? Setting up is a lot like camping, you are making your little home for the day with prepping for any kind of weather or hiccup. We have kept a tent together with a pen and some bailing twine. And, then, you gotta take it all down again at the end of the day.
  3. Do crowds give you energy? A busy market means potential sales, but it’s the social aspect which gives the market it’s heart. It’s all about the greater community spirit that we love so much about the market.
  4. Multi-tasking is a must! Calculating orders, giving change, chatting with regulars, holding down the tent in the wind,and posting on social media makes for a busy day.

We love the market, mostly because of the friends we have made among other vendors and our customers! Share with us your experiences from markets, either as a vendor or customer. There are always great stories at the Farmer’s Markets!

Ambleside Market 2017



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