Transparent Applesauce

Transparent apples make amazing applesauce!

Transparent applesauce is so easy for busy cooks to make! There’s no need to peel or core the apples in this recipe. Find out how to make yours!

Transparent apples are the first of our Fraser Valley apples to ripen. It’s early July and even though it’s hot I have a chance to can apple sauce. Here’s a quick couple of hints for a smooth and easy sauce: Those spots are from a hail storm, don’t let them bother you! Transparent apples are a gift for anyone who feels rushed in the kitchen: there’s no need to peel the skins!


Easy Transparent Applesauce


You will need:

  • A roasting pan with a lid
  • A cone strainer
  • A large mixing bowl july 14 2014 005


  1. Cut each apple into 1/4s and don’t worry about the cores.
  2. Throw it all into a roasting pan!
  3. Cover and bake at 325 degrees for about 90 minutes, or until soft.
  4. You’ll need a cone strainer (your Mennonite neighbour will lend you hers) and a big mixing bowl. Once you’ve pushed them through the colander into a big bowl, add some honey to taste. Store it in mason jars and process, or freeze.

I canned mine and got about 7 pints from my big roasting pan full. You can also put it in freezer bags for the deep freeze but remember to label them, it’s easy to lose them in the freezer and they may lose their colour after about 8-12 months.


Transparent Apples

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